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No one knows the local community better than a real estate agent. Working with clients to help buy, sell or rent properties, realtors have a pulse on the local market and serve as the go-between for buyers and sellers. Often advising clients on what to upgrade within their home to maximize its value, you constantly share tips and advice on what to look for in a new space.

At Concept II, our trade partners are crucial to our business. Making local connections helps us to reach new homeowners, and we can even lend our expertise to share trends, tips and advice that will help to sell or maximize use within a property. This is especially true with realtors. Our relationship with many of the local brokers have helped homeowners make more informed decisions before buying or selling a home.

One area top of mind for all of us in the new year is storage and organization. We recently hosted Chuck Flynn, Manager of Howard Hanna Irondequoit to tour our closet showroom and chat with designer, Adrienne Cooper about what to consider when adding custom closets and storage solutions to a home. View Facebook broadcast or read through some of the tips below.

“We talk about that a lot in real estate. Value in return on investment versus value in use. This has both—added value to the home and I also see such tremendous value in use in what Concept II is doing with these spaces."




We all appreciate the aesthetic appeal of a well-organized space. But this investment goes beyond just being pleasing to the eye, which is why there are many reasons why a realtor may recommend custom closets to a client. Here are some of our favorites:

01: Increased Home Value – Custom closets are often considered a desirable feature that can increase the overall value of a home. When potential buyers see well-designed and organized storage spaces, it can contribute to a positive perception of the property’s value.

02: Aesthetic Appeal – Since they can be designed to match the overall aesthetic of the home, even the most basic custom closet systems can enhance the visual appeal of any room, making the property welcoming and more attractive to potential buyers.

03: Storage Maximization – Since storage systems are customized to make the most of the space available, they often include features such as built-in shelving, drawers, hanging rods and accessories that maximize storage capacity and organization and grow with a families’ needs. Whether it’s changing rods to grow with a child as their clothing size changes or swapping out bins on a slat wall in a garage – the systems are modular to adjust with the unique needs of each family over time.

04: Organization & Efficiency – When you start and end your day with a clean, clutter-free space, it makes a difference. A well-designed closet promotes organization and efficiency which is appealing to most homeowners. It makes a positive impression that stays with potential buyers and could give sellers an edge over the competition.

05: Future Resale Value – Each new homeowner wants to personalize their space, while also considering the future resale value each upgrade will add to maximize ROI. Custom closets often contribute to the long-term value of a property as they are seen as a durable and attractive feature that adds to the overall use of space and appeal of a home.

While these are some of the top considerations, the recommendations anyone makes to a client can vary over time based on market factors, buyer preferences, and each specific home. Contact us today to learn how our trade program might work for you!


While these are some of the top considerations, the recommendations anyone makes to a client can vary over time based on market factors, buyer preferences, and each specific home. As part of our partner program, we work with local realtors and their clients as they consider upgrades for a new or future space.

Learn more about our trade program or stop into our showroom to get started.