Whether it’s your home office, your craft room, your workshop or your studio, personal workspaces are typically home to an endless array of supplies and specialty items needed to thrive.  And as so many know, it doesn’t take long for these many essentials to cross paths, get mixed and create a mess.  Concept II Concept specializes in workspace organization solutions to help you stay more efficient and productive while creating or working from home.

Concept II Closets understands the far-reaching importance of keeping your home workspace organized, accessible and free of clutter.  Our team of experienced, expert designers can implement a design that helps you increase productivity while adding style and improved flow to your workshop or home office.  We offer free initial consultations and work closely with each client to achieve optimal results.

Ready to take your personal workspace to new levels of organized efficiency? Get in touch with our staff today to schedule a consultation online or over the phone, or learn how we’ve helped others transform and improve the way they work.  We can be reached during regular business hours at 585-203-1272 or write to us 24/7 using our website’s confidential contact page.