It doesn’t take long for that once pristine walk-in closet to evolve into something that’s almost too painful to look at.  All that extra space makes it easy to store things arbitrarily, and over time this can lead to a closet that’s cluttered, unappealing, and a real chore to deal with.  The designers at Concept II Closets thrive when it comes to walk-in closet solutions, bringing both a keen eye and decades of collective experience to each solution we implement.

From the most basic walk-in closet organization project to the most elaborate or expansive custom closet designs, there’s nothing you can’t accomplish when working with the experts at Concept II Closets in Rochester.  When the last bit of free space has been claimed and you know that it’s time to bring in the professionals, we’ll be here to help create an efficient organization plan based on your space, lifestyle and accessibility requirements.

To schedule a free consultation, ask questions, or get more detailed information on our full offering of closet organizing services, we invite you to reach out when it’s convenient and we’ll be delighted to go over everything with you.  Concept II Closets is located in Rochester, NY and can be reached by phone at 585-203-1272 or via email by writing  to us through our website’s contact page.