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5 Ways to Maximize Space in Your Home

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Whether keeping up with a new year resolution or the promise of spring around the corner, the early calendar months give us time to reset our homes and organize our belongings. When decluttering and cleaning out, the process begins well before tossing, donating, and sorting, though items. It starts with having the right storage systems in place to maximize the space available within your home—and, it’s not just limited to bedrooms.

From master walk-ins, bedroom reach-ins and spare rooms to pantries, mudrooms and garages, the possibilities of how you can incorporate custom storage solutions are endless. People often think it is limited just to the closets you have available in your home, but in reality - there are opportunities to transform any unused space into a solution that maximizes storage for your family. Our designers work with homeowners ev -

“Many people don’t realize we have storage systems for every space of the home. From standard reach-in and customizable walk-in closets to pantries, mudrooms, and even garages – our showroom serves as a source of inspiration to see the possibilities of what can be done."



“A consistent trend we continue to see is clients converting an unused spare bedroom or office into a walk-in closet,” says Adrienne Cooper, one of our Closet Designers here at Concept II. Although many people don’t think they have a large enough space, everyone typically has a spare room they are not using and can convert that into their dream closet.

Regardless of the size you have to work with, your walk-in closet can be designed to fit your needs. Including accessories such as drawers, shelving, jewelry trays, built-in safes, shoe storage, mirrors, valet rods, watch winders, tie racks, and even lighting can help achieve your desired aesthetic while neatly displaying your belongings.


Multipurpose rooms have become popular as a way to maximize the space you already have available within your home. Many people don’t want a room dedicated just to an office or a guest room to only be used a few times a year. Instead, homeowners are designing spaces to capture multiple needs. From working from home to accommodating guests to carving out a creative space to craft or gift wrap - multipurpose rooms give you the ability to do it all.

These rooms often feature options such as Murphy beds that tilt down from the wall, work stations with a built-in desk, entertainment centers, cabinet storage and customized shelving. Working islands are often a nice addition to have a place to create, wrap or craft in a dedicated part of the room. Your needs may vary depending on what you intend to use the room for, and each closet system can be adapted to fit those needs.


An emerging trend we are seeing is adding a separate area off the kitchen as a working pantry to store food purchased in bulk as well as small appliances and extra serving dishes. Many pantries even include countertops and areas for food prep and clean up. These are often areas tucked away when not in use, but readily accessible when needed.

Whether your pantry is a large, separate room or a smaller closet, make it work harder for you by adding the necessary shelving and accessories. This area holds a little bit of everything which is why it’s important to maximize the space you have available using roll-out drawers for dried and canned goods and custom storage racks for spices, condiments or even wine! Many kitchen pantries even feature adjustable shelving for holding everything from paper towels to small appliances and vertical dividers for cookie sheets, cutting boards and cookbooks. Metal baskets feature washable canvas lining for vegetables and bagged goods, making sure everthing is within reach when you need it.


Garages are used to store such a wide array of items – from car necessities and snow gear to sports equipment, lawn clean up, and tools – it can be difficult to find a solution that works for so many different things. Adding a garage storage system can make items easier to find and more likely to put them away. Not only will your garage look better, but it will be safer too.

When organizing your garage, there are many options available. Use slat wall with customizable accessories to organize sports gear, recreational items and toys or Omni Track to neatly hold tools, cleaning materials, and other heavy duty supplies. Add overhead or wall racks to store bicycles, seasonal decor, and other outdoor items that aren’t used as frequently. Durable cabinets and drawers can help organize various items for grilling, car maintenance and gardening. Wall attachments will help store lawn and snow supplies such as shovels, brooms, rakes, and hoses.


For some homes it’s a foyer, for others a laundry area, and others it is a combination of both. But regardless of how you use your mudroom, they have a tendancy to get cluttered in a hurry. An organized mudroom can help clean up life’s daily messes. Featuring dedicated cabinetry, storage racks, shelving, drawers and cubbies, putting away coats, hats, shoes and backpacks never looked better. Organizing these spaces make putting away your family’s belongings simpler, and easier to access when needed.

When updating your mudroom, leverage coat racks for jackets, backpacks and hats as well as shoe storage for quickly grabbing what you need before heading out the door. Metal baskets in or out of cabinetry neatly hold sports gear, gloves and hats and assigning either one of these or a cubbie for each family member can ensure that each member of your family can grab-and-go. Hidden hampers hide dirty clothes until washing and storage cabinets help hold cleaning and laundry supplies. Tall cabinets can even be integrated to store mops, brooms and ironing boards and hanging rods can help hang and dry clothes.


Regardless of what you need to store, there likely is a creative solution that can help. Leveraging these unexpected solutions - or coming up with your own - can be a great way to customize your home to the specific needs of your family. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to storage, that’s why having the right systems in place can help you tackle your clutter and makes use of your unused spaces once and for all!


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