Say Goodbye to Clutter

with These Must-Have Garage Storage Solutions

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With warm weather finally here, we can’t wait to get outdoors and clear out the clutter from the gloomy winter months. Whether organizing your garage, planting your garden or sifting through bins for this year’s sports equipment, today’s garage storage systems go a long way in maximizing your space and making items easier to find and access when needed.

While there are plenty of options on the market, the best garage storage systems are modular and mix various storage solutions together to neatly store the items that your family needs. Look for units that are made of durable materials and maximize space, organization, and accessibility.

Below are some of our favorite storage components for garages that will give you a jump start on your outdoor organization!

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“The best part about slat wall is how it lifts everything off the floor and makes better use of the vertical space available on garage walls,” says Dave Westin, Concept II’s Operations Manager. Slat wall is made of PVC and MDF and has horizontal grooves that are configured to work with a variety of accessories. Installing slat wall on one or all garage walls is a relatively inexpensive but highly effective solution for organizing sports gear, gardening tools and other seasonal items. It comes in a wide variety of colors and is fully customizable with accessories such as baskets, bins, hooks, and shelving that are adjustable based on what you need to store. It is such a simple solution that makes items easier to find – and more likely to be put away!


Similar to slat wall, Omni Track uses wall-mounted rails and accessory hooks but it is made of metal strips that go across the wall, instead of covering the entire wall. This is great for small garages or underutilized areas to lift items off the floor. It comes in extended lengths of cut-to-fit tracks with custom hooks and shelving options to neatly hang all of the items you need. Omni Track offers an easy solution to keep items within reach, yet tucked away and it is versatile enough to handle a wide range of items that may be lurking in the corners of your garage.


Overhead racks are perfect for storing bins and boxes containing seasonal items that are only needed a few times per year. It’s the perfect space-saving design that makes the most of the vertical space available within a garage and helps free up floor space while also maximizing storage capacity. When installing overhead racks, consider the weight limit of the shelving and components to ensure they can safely hold the items you plan to store.


Cabinets and drawers are a no-brainer in any garage storage system, even if you invest in nothing else. The most common use is for tools, but can be used to store excess household items, gardening tools, seasonal gear and more. Some key features to look for in cabinets and drawers is durability, safety features, weather resistance, ease of installation and overall aesthetic appeal.



The opportunities are endless when it comes to wall attachments available for your garage. From hanging the hose or shop vac on the wall to custom attachments for brooms, shovels and even winter skis; there is something on the market for nearly everything. Before ordering or installing your garage storage system, take inventory of what items you need to store and what other items such as cabinetry, drawers, overhead and wall storage you will have. For any of the remaining items, a custom wall attachment specific to that item might just be the final component your garage needs to shine.


Regardless of which you choose to implement, each one can help organize your clutter so you can make the most of the season outdoors and safely store things you need. With all the extra space, you might even have enough room to park your car in your newly organized garage!


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